Town of Freeport

Hours & Contact Information

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Office Telephone: 207-865-4800 | Fax: 207-865-2901

Mailing Address: 16 Main Street, Freeport, ME 04032

Chief of Police: Susan B. Nourse |

Secretary: Gabrielle Tilton

CODE RED is a program that is being used in Cumberland County in conjunction with all of the Public Safety groups in the county to notify both residents and the business communities for emergency situations. Those can include, but not limited to: Severe Weather forecast, flooding, road closures, criminal activities, evacuations, missing persons & more. For more information and to sign up, go to the Code Red Website.

Every accident should be reported by calling 911.

Emergency calls are prioritized and are handled according to priority and location. Unfortunately, a dispatcher is not able to provide you with the response time. Emergencies occur and sometimes responding units must be diverted to handle calls of higher priority.

> In case of EMERGENCY only, dial 9-1-1 (includes TTY Emergencies) <

National Drug Take Back Initiative: Saturday, April 25, 2015, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The Freeport Police Department is once again participating in the National Drug Take Back Initiative. Residents can bring unused, unwanted or expired medications to the Freeport Public Safety building for proper disposal.

During this program you may dispose of the following items:
• Controlled, non-controlled and over the counter substances
• Medications may be disposed of in their original container, but we highly recommend removing the label from the container, or drawing a black line through the information
• Intra-venous solutions, injectibles and syringes CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.
• Liquid products such as cough syrup should remain sealed in their original container if possible. Otherwise the item should be placed in a sealed zip lock bag.

Please note: The Freeport Police Department has installed a secure permanent drug drop off box in the lobby of the public safety building! Residents can drop off expired, unwanted or outdated drugs at the public safety building during their normal business hours. (Sunday thru Saturday 8 am – 4 pm).

DO NOT Dispose of Sharps in this container; Sharps (e.g. needles), bandages, prescriptions and other medical waste in small quantities from your home, may be disposed by including it with your residential trash!

It is necessary to your safety, and to others in your household, and to those handling the trash that these items be securely contained before discarding. Both ecomaine and the law require the following disposal steps:
 Sharps You must choose a rigid, leak-proof, puncture-resistant container, such as a hard, plastic bottle with a screw-on or tightly secured lid (a liquid detergent bottle with a large opening is a good choice, or you may purchase a disposable container at a pharmacy). Then, store the container near where the sharps are generated, but out of the reach of children. To dispose of the container, label it using masking tape or duct tape and write on it, “Do NOT Recycle.” Screw the lid on tightly and secure it with tape to prevent accidental opening. Then, it can be included with your regular household trash.
 Don’t use glass, milk jugs, milk cartons, or clear plastic containers (they may break, be punctured or taken for illicit use).
 Don’t put sharp objects in a container that will be recycled or returned to a store.
 Don’t forget to follow these rules when traveling, too!
Copies of these instructions are available in the Public Safety Building Lobby or at the Dispatch Reception Counter.

Drinking and drug use is an ongoing societal issue, but services are available to help:

If you want to send an anonymous tip regarding drug or alcohol activity, Click Here.

If you would like additional information to help understand the issues involved and resources available to help, please visit the Casco Bay CAN website.

In order to provide quality service that will insure the safety of the public as well as the responding police, dispatchers need to receive certain information. These questions are important and they do not delay response time. The following information is needed for each incident or call for service:

* What type of incident are you reporting?
* Where did the incident occur?
* When did the incident occur?
* Who is reporting the incident?
* Description of the person(s) involved if applicable.
* Description of any vehicles involved if applicable
* Are there any weapons involved?
* Is the involved party still present?

Applications for concealed weapons permits are available HERE or through the police department. The State of Maine does not require the registration of firearms. However, there are strict laws that prohibit the concealment of firearms. Contact the Police Department for more information.

To report incidents involving animals (dog bites, bats, stray animals, animals acting unusually), call 911 for emergencies or 865-4800 during business hours.

The Police Department handles a variety of wild and domestic animal complaints. The town contracts with the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine to hold stray domestic animals. All dogs must be licensed annually in January. Dog licenses are available at the Freeport Town Hall, Town Clerk's office. Arrangements are made with appropriate outside agencies to handle various wild animal complaints.

On street parking is prohibited on all town streets from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. from November 1 to April 15. This provision shall be in effect all year on both sides of Harraseeket Road between Dixon Way and Main Street.

Further information on parking restrictions is available through the Town of Freeport ordinances, Chapter 48.

The Town of Freeport now accepts online payments for Parking Tickets!!

CLICK HERE to make your parking ticket payment online. Then select “Freeport Police – Online Payment Parking Tickets”

Disclaimer: All credit card payments are processed through a third-party payment processor, Maine Payport. There will be a $1.00 or 2.5% fee, whichever is greater, added to each credit card transaction.

By ordinance, any event in Freeport that involved more that 250 people requires that a Special Event Application be filed with the Police Department. For further details, please read Chapter 10 of the municipal ordinances or call the Police Department.

Enforcement of State Law and Local Ordinances

Patrol of Community:
  • Cruiser patrol of entire community
  • Foot patrol of the Village
  • Bike patrol of the Village
  • Special assignments (e.g. parades)
  • Details for school events, private functions, etc.
  • Parking and traffic enforcement
  • Maintain a check on road conditions in bad weather and advise public works of missing or damaged signs.

    Investigations (Criminal and Civil):
  • Investigate burglary/larceny/vandalism, etc.
  • Missing person
  • Accidents:Injury and deaths; Property damage
  • Unattended deaths
  • Routine civil and criminal investigations
  • Domestic violence incidents
  • Work in conjunction with outside agencies

    Agency Responsibilities:
    * Traffic enforcement
    * Service of civil papers
    * Serve arrest warrants
    * Back up to other agencies
    * Court appearances
    * Provide animal control
    * Enforcement of local ordinances
    * Assist Fire/Rescue and Public Works Departments
    * Provide escort services to banks
    * Building security checks at night of businesses and property checks of homes when people are away.
    * Provide shellfish management and enforcement

    Educational Programs (Residential and Commercial):
    * Internal training of staff
    * School programs (e.g. DARE)
    * Merchant programs (crime and loss prevention)
    * Community crime prevention seminars
    * Work with banks and businesses to establish alarm response procedures

    Other Functions:
    * Investigate and issue concealed weapon permits
    * Processing of burglar alarm applications
    * Send notifications and bills (e.g. false alarms)
    * Prepare and maintain uniform crime reports
    * Investigate applications and issue wrecker licenses
    * Act as an agent giving advice pertaining to civil problems.

    (you may click on a name to send an email)

    Chief Susan Nourse
    Lt. Nathaniel Goodman
    Sgt. John Perrino
    Sgt. Paul Powers
    Officer Michael McManus
    Officer Paul Chenevert
    Detective Gino Bianchini
    Officer Tom Gabbard
    Officer Matt Moorhouse
    Officer Keith Norris
    Officer Michael Raymond
    Officer Malcolm Marshall
    Officer Dustin Caron
    Officer Rebecca Kavanaugh

    Marine Resource Conservation Officer Charles Tetreau

    Reserve Officer Jason Bartlett
    Reserve Officer Josh Nalbandian
    Reserve Officer Nathan Leger

    Secretary Gabrielle Tilton

    Clerk Terry Valcourt
    Clerk- Amy O'Neill

    What number should I call in an emergency? In a non-emergency?
    In any emergency dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency calls, use the business number, 865-4800.

    How do I request a copy of a police report?
    Call the Police Department during regular business hours to request a copy.

    How do I appeal a parking ticket?
    You can obtain a parking ticket appeal form either by contacting the Police Department during normal business hours, or downloading the form from our website. Once your appeal form is received, a police supervisor will review your complaint. Once the review is completed, you will be notified by mail of the decision.

    What do I do if I have hit a deer or other large animal?
    Call 865-4800 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 for emergencies.

    Can the police check on my property while I am gone on vacation for several weeks?
    The police department will conduct checks of your property while you are away from home. If you are interested in this service, contact the the Communications Center and give a dispatcher the necessary information on your property that will allow us to perform the service and contact you should an emergency occur.

    How do I know if the clam flats are closed?
    Call the Shellfish Hotline at 865-2904.

    My house has been broken into, what should I do?
    Do not enter the house. It is important to protect yourself as well as evidence of the crime. Use a cell phone or neighbor's phone to report the crime.

    What other services does the Police Department provide?

    DARE Programs
    The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Program has been part of the 5th grade curriculum since 1990. Lt. Susan B. Nourse teaches students in the public school system and at Pine Tree Academy. D.A.R.E. graduates participate in several outdoor adventure activities during the summer months to reinforce the concept of choosing healthy, positive alternatives to drug use.

    Property Security Assessments
    Freeport Police Officers are available to come to your property to conduct a "security assessment". The officer(s) will make recommendations on how to improve the security on your property.

    Bicycle Patrols
    During the warm weather months, the Police Department conducts Bicycle Patrols in various locations of the community. The bicycle not only allows the patrol officer to traverse through the heavy vehicular traffic, but also gives the officer access to areas that are not easily accessible by the police cruiser. The Bicycle Patrol also puts the officer in closer contact with the public.

    Juvenile Offender Programs
    First time juvenile offenders are given the opportunity to learn better decision making skills through two programs offered as alternatives to the judicial system. Youths under 18 in possession of tobacco products are sent to the Smokeless Saturday Program. The program is taught by representative of ACCESS through Mid-Coast Hospital and gives information about the hazards of smoking. Students discuss why they started using tobacco products and methods of quitting. Cessation program information is distributed.

    JUMP-START diverts young criminal offenders from the traditional legal system. It is an eight-week program designed to develop the youth's decision making and problem solving skills. Each youth is paired with an adult community member who works with them during the workshops. The program serves as an immediate consequence to the crime and makes the youth accountable to the community through community (public) service work.

    Business Checks
    The Police Department maintains an emergency contact list for all businesses in the community. Business owners/managers are encouraged to help us maintain an accurate contact list by contacting the dispatcher and advising them of contact changes.

    Public Speaking
    Members of the Freeport Police Department are available for public speaking functions. If you are interested in having an officer of the department speak to your group, please contact the Chief of Police.

    Alarm Systems
    There are presently over 300 Residential and Commercial Fire and Burglar alarms that the police department may respond to. Property owners who wish to install an alarm into their home or business must first complete an alarm application and submit it with the proper application fee. The present fee for a Burglar alarm is $55.00 and for a Fire alarm or combined Burglar / Fire alarm is $450.00. The annual renewal fee is 35.

    There will be fines assessed for third (and subsequent) unexcused "false alarms". Further information regarding the towns' policy on alarm systems is available in the Town Ordinance, Chapter 14.

    The Freeport Police Department, in conjunction with the Freeport Merchants Association and Freeport Community Services, has participated in Project Kid Care ID. Many children have been photographed, fingerprinted, and given a passport-type packet to document personal statistics. Officers will visit day care centers and preschools, fingerprint the children and discuss safety skills upon request. Any parent who would like their child fingerprinted is encouraged to contact the police department for this service. In all of our youth fingerprinting programs, the fingerprint materials are given to the parent for safekeeping, and are not kept by the police department. Residents who need their fingerprints taken for employment purposes are also welcome to come to the police station. Residents pay no fee for this service; non-residents pay a fee of $10. Just call to make an appointment.